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A girl that has blond hair and is a really cute girl she likes twerking for fun has lots of friends and lots of cute guys on here side
by Game mode 0 September 13, 2016
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The Festival of the Lost was an destiny taken king event that occurred in 2015, from October 26 to November 9 During this time, Guardians were able to participate in various Halloween-themed activities and wear costume masks, which depict different characters in the game. A selection of Festival-themed consumables were also available.
by Game mode 0 September 13, 2016
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Equivalent Expressions: Expressions that simplify to an equal value when numbers are substitutedfor the variables of the expression. For example, (a+b)2 and a2 + 2ab + b2 are equivalent since whatever the numbers you substitute for a and b, you can always get the same value for both expressions.
equivalent expressions i a math word
by Game mode 0 December 21, 2016
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