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1. slang for 'the info' 2. asking for the low-down on something 3. 'information'
Hey man, we're heading out to that wedding tonight...but I need the 4-1-1.
by GTI_Guy September 17, 2006

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1. a person that can mix music from two or more sources at the same time, but it appears to be a single song from an outside observer
2. a person with enough balls to get up in front of a crowd of people and attempt to be 100% all the time, or else people will know
3. someone with musical ability to build up throughout their set, a sense of feeling, rythym and happiness from the proper selection of tracks
Tiesto, Eric Morillo, Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules and David Morales are all examples of a DJ.
by GTI_Guy September 15, 2006

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Slang used to connote an overly ’visual’ Italian of the male persuasion. What is ’overly visual’?

1) The right attitude...hence ’GEEEEVE’ Short for "I don’t give a fcuk."

2) The right music (euro, freestyle, euro-pop, euro cheeze, euro trash, gino rock (Bon Jovi etc. etc.) preferably played as loud as possible on your car stereo to attract the attention of the other ’dude-buds’ *See 3 for definition of ’dude-bud’.

3) The right ’dude-buds’. Dude-buds (DB’s) are simply put, other gino’s who are your close friends. They are the ones ’who buy you the coffee and the smokes, when you’re feeling hungry now...’ Why dude-buds?
Gino 1: Dude! What’s ’goin on?
Gino 2: Bud! Nothin’, just finished waxing up my ’Stang, gettin’ ready to cruise the strip at Wasaga Beach. Dude! What about you?
Gino 1: Bud! Just came back from Highway 7, I saw your ex. Dude! She looked MINT! But she’s such a troia now. This goon she was with in the Coffee Time parking lot, Dude, you should have..."

4) The right clothes...Diesel, Mexx, Indian Motorcycle, D & G, Aldo, and various other stores can supply the G.I.T. with what they need to become a gino.

5) The right hair. This has ranged from the old fashioned pulled back with grease look from a couple of decades ago to the now present ’geeeve’ messed up look. More popular is the style where the hair is still spiked, but pulled back in such a way so as to give the impression that you drove to where ever you are presently with the top down and your head out the sunroof!

6) The right career. Every gino at some time in his life dreams of becoming a DJ.

7) The right car accessories/car. Having at least ONE Italian flag on your car is a must. In addition, driving a Cavalier Z24, VW Golf GTI (perferrably VR6) Mustang GT, Camero (IROC = bonus points) and lacing as much of the car in ’Momo’ parts gets you even furhter into this thing called ginoism.
'Man, last night I was tuned into Z103, with the nugget, Tony Monaco. Marky D was pounding some SERIOUS gino beats from Menage.
by GTI_Guy September 14, 2006

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The best non-paired hand in Texas Hold'Em. This hand will usually be marked as a big hand for poker players however seasoned veterans might advise against betting the house on A,K as it quickly can become a very risky hand if there is no productive cards on the flop.

Also known as an 'Anna Kournikova' since the hand looks good...but rarely wins anything.
Pre-flop, Moneymaker was dominating with his big slick, A,K. But after the flop came out 8, 2, 10, it was Negranu with his set of 10's that had Moneymaker dominated and pot-committed.
by GTI_Guy September 25, 2006

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Term used to define a date with a girl where you invite them over to watch a movie from Blockbuster Video with no real intention of watching the movie. The real intention is just to get the girl over and have sex.
Guy 1: Hey buddy what did you do last night?
Guy 2: I called my girl up and told her to come over to watch the DVD I rented last night.
Guy 1: Did you watch the movie?
Guy 2: Nah. It was just a blockbuster night.
by GTI_Guy October 22, 2006

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The lowest possible bid one can make on 'Contestants Row' on the Price Is Right.
Thinking that everyone else overbid, Rob bet $1 for the golf set.
by GTI_Guy September 28, 2006

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someone that is both a chooch and a noodle.
Dio santo, Adamo, you're such a choochoodle.
by GTI_Guy September 15, 2006

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