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A couch potato who is also extremely stoned. (see also baked)
Dude, let's go get something to eat!You've been just staring at the TV all night with that bong in your hand, you baked potato!
by FunkyBumpkin April 29, 2005

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1) A term for the child of a Jewish-East Asian mating, based on "Jew" and "dink" (where "dink" refers to the racial epithet that was semi-popular for racist purposes circa the Vietnam era). However, whether this term is perceived as a racist insult, or merely a lively description, varies depending on context, intent, etc.

2) An exceptionally cheap, tightwad Asian. So termed for the disparaging association with stereotypical Jewish fiscal behavior, coupled with the previously mentioned "dink".
1) Did you see that Jink girl they call Yo-yo last night? She was smokin! I love those interracial honeys!

2) Did you see the way ol' Mr. Nguyen jewed 'em down on that coffee table at the flea market? Tony's dad is such a fuckin' Jink!!
by FunkyBumpkin April 28, 2005

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A type of a Taco, in which the meat is heavily seasoned with Oregano, and topped with ketchup. Named for a former roommate, Josh, whose family might possibly have invented this idiosyncratic blue-collar Italian variant on the most mainstream of Mexican dishes.
"Why the hell does it smell like chiles and spaghetti in here?"
"Oh, looks like my roommate's been making his famous, weird-ass Jacos."
"What the hell is a Jaco?"
"Here, try"
"Not bad. But who the hell puts oregano & ketchup in their taco mix?"
by FunkyBumpkin April 28, 2005

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Of all so-called "extreme sports" (activities that about 1/2 the time are undertaken, or claimed to have been undertaken, by otherwise boring people in a desperate attempt to become interesting), this is probably the trendiest way to give yourself the affectation of ruggedness, danger, physical fitness, etc. Note that most people who express an interest in rock-climbing or purchase incidental gear such as carabiners, have never climbed and never will.

See also: posers, conformity of noncomformity, North Face, bungee jumping.
Inner thought bubble of "extreme sports" Aberzombie, "Dude, all the chicks will be on me if I wear this carabiner on my belt loop and talk about rock climbing! I better buy this magazine so I can look like I know what I'm talking about!"
by FunkyBumpkin April 29, 2005

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