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the real definition of rap music is using fast paced rhyming verses accompanied with a heavy beat an synthesizing rhythms.
by fuck off May 06, 2003

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Mother I'd Like to Fuck in the Ass.
Shit, Heather Locklear is a Milfita.
by Fuck Off July 26, 2004

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Guitar player for the band NOFX.
man i really wish i had hair like his.
by Fuck Off May 27, 2004

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I took care of business;enforcer of gang rules or law.
he earned his I.T.C.O.B. patch for the murder of a rival gang member.
by fuck off October 20, 2003

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Fat Mike is a smelly hippie!!!
"you are a hippie,you smell like scum"
by fuck off August 20, 2004

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A person who kisses peoples asses

the bitch kissed my ass
by fuck off May 24, 2003

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fags, people who make fun of other races because they are jealous of them
Racist Fuck-"I am a nazi, I want to have ass sex with Hitler's carcus,everyone should die except the "so called" perfect race"

Everyone Else- "You are gay, go die."
by FUCK OFF May 12, 2003

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