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Possibly the dumbest adjective that the world of slang has ever known. Its been proven that it sounds stupid with every word in the english language. 96% of people that use the word are proven to be total losers. A person that uses this word as a serious adjective immediately becomes unattractive to the opposite sex, exept if used in front of "copter pilot"
by Freightrain47 July 20, 2016

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When a woman's pubic hair causes her panties to bulge or puff out often with the visible texture of pubic hair showing through the panties. Should not be confused with FUPA, Panty Puff is caused by pubic hair alone, and generally a desirable sight. Panty Puff is sadly, a rare thing in modern times of waxing and laser hair removal, but thankfully, there are millions of real men who enjoy adult women left, and they still love the Panty Puff!
My girlfriend had some thin panties on the other day and her panty puff was huge!
Did you see the panty puff in that American Apperal Add?
by Freightrain47 May 14, 2017

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A hack is someone who, for whatever the reason, does shity work, whatever that work may be. THATS IT
so all of you giving stupid specific definitions like; "a hack is someone who doesn't take the time to change the printer ink"

That, and any other example have been covered, thanks.
I hate when hacks post personal definitions on UB that have already been covered in the general definition.
by Freightrain47 March 28, 2015

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Stick to the original plan. If communication breaks down or some other unforeseen question about the plan arises, stick to the original plan, no excuses.
We are meeting for dinner at 6 tonight, if you don't hear from me, keep to the code!

If you were supposed to be at work but some confusion arises about the job, keep to the code.
by Freightrain47 April 07, 2017

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Bush Bridge occurs when a woman's pubic hair creates a bulge in her bikini or underwear. The pubic hair acts as a support structure creating a gap between her skin and fabric of her panties or swimwear . The bush bridge can be difficult to distinguish from a standard fat upper pussy area (fupa) but the visible texture of pubic hair through the fabric is the tell tale sign that you're seeing a bush bridge. Only certain fabrics and fits will create conditions in which bush bridge can exist, making it relatively rare.
Hey Mikey, look at the size of her bush bridge! She clearly doesn't trim that thing!
by Freightrain47 September 09, 2016

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Hippie, wannabe hippies and losers new to the outdoors that stack rocks in unnatural piles. This is done for a few different reasons. One is simply to say, "I was here." Another reason is just to claim a prominent spot for their Rock stack before some other Rock stacker makes their own stack on that spot. The third and original purpose of the Rock stacks was to guide hikers and keep them on a trail, any unatraul sign would serve this purpose. Rock stacking amateur dorks do not know or care about the origins of Rock stacks, they just want to make one on every virgin spot they see so they can photograph them and post it on Facebook. Real hikers do not have the time or inclination to unnecessarily stack rocks, they are driven by he challenge of hiking and not making cute piles of rocks on every ledge they see.
"I wish these damn Rock stackers would stay home instead of fucking up the trails!"
"Damn Rock stackers shared all of our supplies but none of their own, typical!"
by Freightrain47 March 31, 2017

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Any controlled substance used while at work. Calling them “work drugs” is just an attempt to make it seem like doing drugs at work is a normal thing to be doing.
You seem a little high strung today Bill, did you get into the work drugs again?

Andy often used work drugs on days that he was hung over. . . doctors orders, don’t worry about it.
by Freightrain47 May 23, 2018

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