A way to get a friend to meet up but instead of sitting together for a cup of Joe, it turns into a lengthy intervention session.
Friend: Should we ask bigboi for coffee time?
Me: Yeah we haven't had an intervention for a while now.
Friend: Yeah man. We gotta talk about his delusional rental living, environment saving, feminist supporting, and manboob growing lifestyle.
by midspin69 August 12, 2019
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When with a friend at coffee shop. You both sit down to have coffee and have a conversation or two, first one to have to shit gets fucked.
Me and Corey had coffee time the other day and I held my shit longer than he did!
by Evans2987 September 27, 2022
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A shitty no-good canadian-based coffee shop chain, similar in style to Tim Hortons but lacking any soul. Serves repulsive coffee and donuts as well as other disgusting food. Open 24 hours to serve drunks, stoners and other drug addicts alike.
Dude, like, we should go to Coffee Time cuz I got the munchies baaaad.
by supamonkey January 1, 2005
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Calling your friend or group to have a cigarette
Oi Tim, Coffee Time?”
by Dkekekekkekekekek February 6, 2020
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