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An abbreviation for "Laugh Out Loud" that is used in cyberspace. It is rarely (if ever) meant literally. Maybe there was a time that it LITERALLY meant "Laugh Out Loud", however, I have been active in cyberspace for over ten years and am unaware of this time.

What “lol” is, is simply an ‘online lingo’ that is used to communicate things that IRL (in real life) would otherwise be communicated through tone of voice, facial expressions or body language. In particular, “lol” is used to signify that the individual typing it finds something humorous about what they are saying EVEN IF this individual typing it may not literally be "laughing out loud”

"lol" and most other 'online lingo' also tend to be used in text messages and high school note-passing. And with the exception of text messages (when laziness may ensue), the first letter to “lol” is not usually capitalized, even when it is the start of a sentence or a sentence by itself.
He got hit by a car! lol
by Forever Remain May 18, 2008
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A black, cubical, electronic "box". One side of this cube is however, bot black, but a clear "screen". When this electronic box is activated or "turned on", it flashes towards the "viewer" various images and sounds. These images and sounds are usually either fabricated in a "studio" or coming "live" from a very different place than the viewer is sitting on the couch and watching/hearing them.

Critical Thought sold separately.
Damn, New Years Eve fucking sucked. I sat in my apartment all alone and watched the idiot box until passing out at 2AM.
by Forever Remain April 29, 2008
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The dudes who go through your fridge without asking.
The dudes who smile as they call you a bitch or a dumbass.
The dudes who kick you when you’re down.
The dudes who tell you to “snap out of it” when you’re really down.
The dudes who ride with you ‘till the motherfuckin’ end.
I got mad love for my homies.
by Forever Remain September 02, 2008
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The International Communist Party (ICP) was a left communist international which was also described as a Bordigist party. The strongest base of the party was Italy, in which, at one point, they had more than 50,000 members.

by Forever Remain January 01, 2008
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1) A period of time when a writer's mind is completely blank and drained of any kind of inspirational essence. They are unable to write. They start to bang their head against the basement wall. It bleeds. They scream and shout in agony. And finally, they pray that the pain from this blunt physical trauma and the sight of the sweet sweet catalytic blood finally gives them SOME kind of weak-ass idea.

2) Something that I never seem to have really. Hence why the above scenario was purely speculation on my part. I can't help but imagine however, that is somewhat similar to Dante's second level of hell.
Hey man, I have writer's block. Any advice?

"How about slitting your throat?"

"Okay, cool. Thanks!" *slits throat*

"uhh.. whoops. I kinda meant that as in writing a poem or short story or something about slitting your throat. Or maybe an essay about suicide. My bad."
by Forever Remain March 03, 2008
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1) A contraction of “you all”.

2) A word usually either said by black people or a lone white guy in the company of blacks.

3) A word with a lot of bizarre definitions on Urban Dictionary.
Aside from Florida, I’ve never stepped foot in the south in my life. However, I hear and say the word “y'all” every day at work.
by Forever Remain May 25, 2009
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