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(Noun) A person who constantly shows as “typing”, illustrated by three floating bubble dots, in iMessage but never actually sends anything to you.
This girl is such a bubble tease. I’ve been waiting for her to type for like 4 hours. She better send me a nude for waiting this long.
by Figa Hunter January 22, 2019
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Computer Help Desk Technician's public enemy #1. A person who is so inept with technology, everything in his/her house is flashing "12:00" at all times.
Computer Help Desk Technician: "Thank you for calling the Computer Help Desk, how may I help you?"
User: "Yeah. My internet ain't workin?"
Computer Help Desk Technician: "What browser are you using sir?"
User: "Windows XP"
Computer Help Desk Technician: "No no. Not your operating system, what do you use to go on the internet?"
User: "My laptop"
Computer Help Desk Technician: "Ok. Let's try this. When you go on the Internet, do you click on a big blue E? or a red fox?"
User: "I click on Start"
Computer Help Desk Technician: *Puts User on Hold* "Looks like we got a 12:00 Flasher here boys. I'll be skipping my lunch today"
by Figa Hunter November 07, 2013
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A visual used to describe an alternate route when cutting a corner in the midst of travel (usually on foot) as said traveler walks along the "hypotenuse" of a 90 degree angle turn.
Eric: How do we get to McConnell's Ice Cream Shop?
Peter: Its 3 blocks down Islay St., turn right and walk 2 blocks down De La Vina St.
Eric: Why don't we just take a hypotenuse shortcut through the back alleys to save time?
Peter: What the fuck is a hypotenuse shortcut?
by Figa Hunter November 07, 2013
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A planned vacation made ahead of time to meet a girl for the purposes of having a week-long marathon of sex. Usually a common practice with long-distance relationships.
Arnaldo: I am so stressed from work and I haven't had sex in weeks.
Peter: Don't you have a girlfriend?
Arnaldo: Yeah but she lives in New York.
Peter: You should plan a fuckcation.
by Figa Hunter October 15, 2013
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To look removed from society whenever standing near iconic art pieces or tourist/iconic locations. To stare off the frame when taking pictures and look uninterested in life.
Stranger: Wow such a cool mural huh.
Caleb: Whatever.
Stranger: Can I bum a cigarette?
Caleb: (No response) (continues smoking and looking off into the distance)
Stranger: Wow. so detached cool.
by Figa Hunter August 18, 2014
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