14 definitions by Fernando

chicano is a term used to describe a hispanic person who was noy born in mexico but was born and raised in the barrio.
i am chicano not mexican.
by fernando July 27, 2004
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The effect a bright yellow house has on a neighborhood.
When living in a yellowcaust neighborhood giving directions are easy. E.g. "I live across the road from the insanely yellow house. You can't miss it."
by Fernando September 02, 2004
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money, dollar bill.
Hey, let me borrow 10 bonikis.
by Fernando May 29, 2004
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british slang for shit
Oh shites!!!What was that for?!?
by fernando November 22, 2004
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When you shit in someones ear and then fuck the shit.
Dude, I went to a gay bar and I think I was monster mashed.
by Fernando November 16, 2004
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short for el producto; a brand of cigars that are often used to make a blunt
get the lp so we can roll a fat one
by Fernando April 26, 2005
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A person's rear end, also known as the BUTT.
Hey, get that pencil out of my bobo!
by Fernando May 29, 2004
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