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A lineman for an electric utility or telephone company
They're either in CWA or IBEW
by FederalQ2B September 27, 2004
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The US Military Academy at West Point, NY. This term is often used either by residents ot the lower Hudson Valley or by officers of the Army who went through ROTC or OCS.
Actually, it's the first engineering college founded in the USA
by FederalQ2B May 31, 2005
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A Federal Q2 siren, the last mechanical siren made for a moving vehicle. It's almost always used on fire apparatus.
It's loud as hell. R=The next best thing to playing an MP3 of "Move bitch! Get out the way!' on a badass PA system.
"It ain't a fire truck without a siren." Federal Signal slogan
by FederalQ2B May 14, 2005
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A political appointee with no apparent qualification for his job except that he's a friend of a powerful politicain.
Former FEMA director Michael Brown. Nicked "Brownie" by George W. Bush.
Term was was coined by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on Sep. 26, 2005
by FederalQ2B September 26, 2005
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1) African-American charicter in the "Our Gang/Little Rascals" shorts played by Willie Mae Taylor.

2) Zydeco singer-Accordianist Stanley Dural Jr. who fronts the band Buckwheat Zydeco
by FederalQ2B June 04, 2005
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A Lincoln Town Car. Often called a {jew canoe}
Jesus! Don't they come with dimmer switches for the headlights. And can't they go over 40 mPH?
by FederalQ2B May 28, 2005
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People involved in an idea or policy that is obviously self-defeating to everyone else but them. Used to described some group that is so clueless that one could show them a diesel engine and ask them to find the spark plugs.
The entire Bush administration and all others who decided to invade Iraq.
by FederalQ2B October 03, 2004
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