The Jersey Girl mystique is hard to put into words. One would never say earthy-that's way too California. Gritty gets closer when you understand that a true Jersey Girl sleeps just fine with sand in the bed, but the definition still falls shorter than a pair of faded cutoffs. Jersey Girls go to the beach, or "down the Shore" They're not formal. "Casual attire" means shoes and bras optional. We have perfected the lost art of tanning, and know how to drive a traffic circle with attitude. We know good corn and tomatoes when we taste them, and we're never afraid to dance.
"Nothin' matters in this whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl."
by youknowit April 28, 2005
The baddest of them all, fuck with a Jersey girl and its a situation... They act like ladies at all times, but anybody bring out the other side of them, they coming for that ass.. They love dancing, no other female can compare to how a jersey girl dances, they have the baddest accent ever.. Their hair, nails, eyebrows, and shoes always come first.. The best kind of friend to have a around, the best kind of girlfriend , and mother... Get you one
Them Jersey girls is keepers.
Jersey girls are conceited.
by SelfMadee1000 March 29, 2015
jersey girls ain't trash,

trash gets picked up

i cannot think of a sentence that has 'jersey girls' in it.
by stevoooo April 16, 2007
What Jersey guys have to settle for until they actually gain the ambition to leave the state
"Wow that girl is pretty and not a bitch, are they all like that. They're not like Jersey Girls at all," a typical Jersey guy after he talks to one girl not from jersey.
by jersey insider June 9, 2011
There's a big difference between a Jersey Girl and a Shore Whore. Those fake, orange girls who call themselves "guidettes" are no Jersey Girls. Real Jersey Girls are the sweetest, most wholesome girls you will ever meet. Our best nights are spent in diners. We call it the shore and not the beach. We have REAL tans and REAL personalities. We can be "bitches" if need be. We can fight.
Bottom line, there ain't no other girl in this world like a true blue Jersey Girl.
Shore Whores turn heads, Jersey Girls break necks.
by iLikeDiscoFries June 23, 2010
"The Jersey girl..a love of an unpretentious good time, and a certain sense of style. Jersey girls are about attitude. They're about eating pizza, drinking beer, having great hair - and enjoying it all..She's got a mouth on her. She says what she means. And she's got a nice, cheerful laugh..Bottom line, all of them are sexy as hell." -The Star Ledger
Everyone loves a Jersey Girl.
by Amanda aKa Jersey's Finest March 24, 2006
born and raised in New Jersey, specifically the shore. beautiful in a unique way, has the ability to impress with salty hair and sand under her fingernails, makeup and shoes are optional, tanlines are embraced, has a strong attitude and a tough mouth, encompases the phenomena of waking up more stunning than the night before
"Nothing matters in this whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl." -The Boss
by Bridget March 17, 2005