Honey, lets take the jew canoe to the bagel shop!
by Alexander Papsmear February 4, 2005
A large boat of a car (Old Cadillac, Lincoln, etc.)
My grandma drove her Jew Canoe into a parked Civic. It ripped through it and she kept going to her bingo game.
by Dave Kike March 8, 2007
Its when you buy an un expensive car, i.e any toyota or hundai, and the upgrades cost more than the car itself.
''Hey did you see that jew canoe?''
''Yeah, those upgrades make that car look awesome.''
by chubchub13 April 24, 2010
A Cadillac with New York or New Jersey plates.
Look at those assholes in the jew canoe! They almost ran me over on the way to the synagogue!
by Kevin Not-a-Jew January 8, 2007
One in a group of large, luxury SUVs driven by Jews on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. Can be commonly seen in communities such as Jerhico and Syosset. Some examples include the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and the Lexus LX.
*Driving through Jericho*
Driver: "Damn it that Jew Canoe just cut me off! I almost got into an accident!"
Passenger: "It's not their fault, it's almost sundown and they have to get home for Hanukkah."
by Hpesoj... December 22, 2011
Israel Aircraft Industries Westwind Business Jet.
Hey, look what's on the runway again, the Jew Canoe
by Lear45 September 3, 2010