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a 7-11 big teddy bear. A procastinator to the max.A person that watches people study but somehow retains the information! sometimes very sure of what he's doing BUT sometimes irrational(?) example " no no no - dont throw it in the garbage -it'll smell... flush the banana peel down the toilet!" or " She said I had no fashion... and then i slapped her"
shabaah- rabaah -dooo!! When he explains stories- the point of the story is at the very end. You'll hear about the place, the time , the clothes he was wearing... but he might forget to tell you the POINT of the Story.
by Fara November 30, 2004
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When it's chilly either inside or outside and a females nipples become as hard as ice, kinda like an icicle.
It's so fucking cold out here I may have a permanent nipsickle.
by Fara April 9, 2004
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A combination of the word "fuck" and "retarded" except spelled a little differently. A phucktard is someone who is so fucking retarded it is almost not humanely possible.
My Psychology is so phucktarded she accidentally xeroxed the key to the test rather than the blank test, and handed it out.
by Fara April 9, 2004
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The quality, state, or an instance of being insulting or grossly lacking in respect.
Girl 1> Your outfit is whack.
Girl 2> First of all don't ever say whack (you can't pull it off) and second of all your impudence means nothing coming from a stuck up hoe like yourself.
by Fara April 9, 2004
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Goofy short bit of hair that comes down to your eyebrows. Also known as "bangs". The beatles started it apparently. One of them had a German girlfriend, and she cut their hair with a pudding bowl and the rest is history.
Your fringe looks oddly straight today, did you blow dry it?
by Fara April 27, 2004
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Aightee means "alright." Aightee is the cuter way of saying "aight."
Girl 1> You better give me back my money that I lended you.
Girl 2> Aightee I'll give it to you later tonight.
by Fara April 9, 2004
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Usually a white person who dresses, acts, and talks like a black person. Wigga = wannabe nigga
"Damn that white boy a wigga, lets beat his Malibu ass!"
by Fara April 6, 2004
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