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Bill Wurtz is a YouTuber who is famous after making a video named, “history of the entire world, i guess”.

He is known for making short videos, sometimes long, musical videos and jingles about funny and random topics.
Person 1: “Have you seen Bill Wurtz’s new video.”
Person 2: “Yeah! I liked the part where he scrubs he piano.”
by FallenXP December 6, 2017
Ludum Dare is game making competition. You have to make a game around a certain topic. It only happens every 4 months.

There are two types of Ludum Dares. You have the Jam, and the Compo.

In the compo, you have 48 hours to try to make a game alone.

In the Jam, you can work in a team, or alone, and you have 72 hours instead of 24.

There are much more specific rules, and they can be found on the Ludum Dare website.
Person 1: “Are you doing the Ludum Dare this weekend?”
Person 2: “Yeah, of course.”
by FallenXP December 6, 2017
A web application for writing bibliographies in MLA and various formats. Most students who use this hate it for its complexity.
Teacher: "Okay everyone, remember to use NoodleTools to write your bibliography."
Student 1: *whispers* "I hate NoodleTools."
Student 2: *whispers* "Me too."
by FallenXP December 4, 2017
A jingle for most of their commercials on tv for Nationwide Insurance. This usually plays at the end of their commercial along with their logo. This can be snuck in with singers singing it, or a piano doing the instrumental version
by FallenXP December 9, 2017
A competition to make the best game around a certain topic, in a certain time frame. Some jams could be Ludum Dare, or GameJolt jams.
Person 1: “Do you want to do a game jam together?”
Person 2: “No, the topic is stupid.”
by FallenXP December 6, 2017
Used when a student forgets to do his or her work when it is due.
Student 1: "Bro, Can I Copy?"
Student 2: "Yeah, go ahead."
by FallenXP December 4, 2017
I popular hashtag and phrase used on many social media websites after the FCC has announced to repeal net neutrality. It's a "play-on-words" to indirectly say, "Go Fuck Yourself, FCC."
Twitter Post: "Let's stop the repeal of Net Neutrality #GoFCCYourself"
by FallenXP December 10, 2017