6 definitions by FTdubya

They got me swimmin the ocean looking for honey bunches of hoats. I ask, “why you throwin me a life jacket?” Just put me in the boat.
by FTdubya November 20, 2020
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when someone is being a jerk and instead of kicking their ass you annihilate them in a certain game or situation.
Scott wanted to pick a fight with Tommy but Jimmy came in and said. "No.. Ragery. Settle it with ragery.
by FTdubya January 04, 2015
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The bullshit that online dating chicks always pull. Being really shallow and selective only responding to guys who have plenty of money and a truck
Dating sites suck for me, There's too much whorescockery going on to even get a match
by FTdubya April 11, 2015
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Complete voluntary leave on a conversation or situation. Forcing yourself out of the room.
"Dude, Eddie, that's some messed up shit right there. I'm tapping out. "
by FTdubya December 27, 2014
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When something happens or is said that results in one simply saying F in A.
"Dude, I just hope Bob won't bring out his gun" When you get there Bob brings out gun. = F in A moment
by FTdubya February 10, 2015
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When something or a situation is completely bogus, bullshit, a calamity
I signed up for this dating site and I can't even get one match, it's complete bogery
by FTdubya November 23, 2014
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