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Scientologists give a lot more than their money. Scientology is a living hell once you reach the stage "Clear". You are then informed about "Operating Thetan III" whereupon you are asked to join "The Sea Organisation" or "Sea Org". Since they have you brainwashed by now, you eagerly except. The Sea Org is like a concentration camp on a boat. You are forced to undergo intense physical labor. If you displease the slave masters, or "Captains" in anyway, you are punished in a manner called "Ethics". You are subject to phsyical torture, sleep deprivation, things like running from 7AM to 9PM, or mopping the deck all day in the sun in a black jumpsuit. They put you in a "recovery group" if you are being punished, and they try to brainwash you further so that you won't act out again. In this group, there's no telling if or when you might eat, or how much food you get, and living quarters are dark, hellish, roach infested, and damp. If you act out again, you are either put in a second level of "Recovery", where most people perish from exhaustion. If you have done anything seirous, (Most reasons were as minor as improperly addressing a Captain), but if you have done anything that they consider serious (plans to leave, treason, mutiny), there is a book that shows level of ways to execute. The most common way is blindfolding the prisoner, tying the hands and feet together, and dropping them off the edge of the boat into the ocean.

Scientology is like some creepy science fiction movie, but it's all really happening. They have "Churches of $cientology" set up everywhere, they have an army, and endorsements from celebrities like Tom Cruise, Nancy Cartwright, Chick Corea, and John Travolta. It's a seriously dangerous thing to get involved in, and I reccomend this website to anyone considering joining: www.xenu.net
Scientology is very clever and manipulative. A gullible person could easily fall for it by thinking they are just participants in a simple personality test. Next thing they know, they are slaves at a concentration camp. Brainwashed, tortured, deprived of food and sleep, and possibly being tied up and tossed into the sea. And if they end up surviving, that's hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a good chunk out of your life, gone, never able to get back. If you've already started taking the courses, you are already being brainwahsed and you don't know it. Of course they tell you to disregard this sort of talk. By tuning it out, and not listening to the anti- Scientologists, you are proving their point. You are being brainwashed.
by Fish April 09, 2005

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adj.slang.USA. The finest of its kind.
The word originated from the shortening of Duesenburg which was the American built limousine of the 1920's & 1930's. The Duesenburg was then the finest vehicle of its kind that money could buy.
"When he fell over it was a duesy"
by Fish January 06, 2005

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A total lack of recognition.
A silly mistake.
Can be stress related.
"I had a total brain-fart when she asked for my number."
by Fish October 15, 2004

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Refers to the Rolex Wrist Watch
Notorious BIG in Mo Money Mo Problems: "Throw your rollies in the sky/Wave 'em side to side..."
by Fish July 08, 2004

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1. To remove the earth-like landscaping on a similar planet.
"Armies of the night can deterraform extremely well."
by Fish July 19, 2004

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1) The true definition of daewoo

2) A Korean conglomerate which produces everything from toilet paper to cars..
Open the door.. i don't want to get gaywoo on my hands!
by fish May 07, 2005

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Penis, Sperm Shooter, Dipstick, DiCK
Tell that girl to get off my MEAT PISTOL.
by Fish February 15, 2004

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