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Files that appear on p2p networks that have something wrong with them. For example:
-A film can be nuked for various reasons. Individual sites will nuke for breaking their rules (such as "No Telesyncs" but if the film has something extremely wrong with it (no soundtrack for 20mins, CD2 is incorrect film/game etc) then a global nuke will occur, and people trading it across sites will lose their credits. Nuked films can still reach other sources such as p2p/usenet, but its a good idea to check why it was nuked first in case. If a group realise there is something wrong, they can request a nuke.

NUKE REASONS :: this is a list of common reasons a film can be nuked for (generally DVDRip)

** BAD A/R ** :: bad aspect ratio, ie people appear too fat/thin
** BAD IVTC ** :: bad inverse telecine. process of converting framerates was incorrect.
** INTERLACED ** :: black lines on movement as the field order is incorrect.

Any file can be nuked, though; not just films. Another example is a PC ISO where it hasn't been properly isoed or there is some other technical issue that should not appear with a fully functional copy.

Basically, a nuked release doesn't work as a regular release should.
No, don't download that file; it's nuked and has something wrong with it.
by Eta February 24, 2005
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Being a couple, an ite,. Monogamous relationship. boyfriend and girlfriend.
q: are bob and lisa going steady?
a: yes, they've been going steady for 8 months now
by eta February 09, 2004
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1 - White, cold, soft, slightly frozen water that falls from the sky in winter. Also tastes nice. Beware of yellow snow.
2 - Cocaine or crack. A white powder powder narcotic. Also called blow, charlie, snowflake.
1 - Ooh look its starting to snow outside! Lets eat some. *Uh-oh*...I think I ate some of the yellow snow.
2 - Don't sniff cocaine, kids.
by Eta January 23, 2005
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To "represent" and fight for what you believe in. Made famous by Xzibits song "klack" on his new album Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Klack for the niggas that bangin' it in the city.
by Eta December 18, 2004
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A prestigious and well-known company that produces software, which serves to protect computers from viruses, trojans, hackers, etc. While their software may be very unresourceful and sluggish, it is thorough in its virus scans and protection.
"The world's most trusted antivirus solution" --Symantec slogan
by Eta January 01, 2005
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the most awesome person in the world.
you're so great, you're almost like bunna
by ETA April 19, 2005
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