452 definitions by Ereck Flowers

When you are making puns because they are too irresistible to keep inside.
I'm having enormous pun fun. I can't help myself!
by Ereck Flowers November 13, 2018
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A person who does all of the dirty work for another and gets no respect for it.
I'm a puppet and I do not like it.
by Ereck Flowers February 27, 2015
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When a toadie praises someone in a position of power.
I don't need a sap clap every now and then. I just need the facts from someone with a backbone.
by Ereck Flowers May 03, 2019
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When you're tired of a satire.
I'm satired of this fake news show.
by Ereck Flowers June 24, 2016
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She imagined George W. Bush was beaten and that was very satisfying to her because she thought that he was an idiot. "Well done, thoughts," the woman said.
by Ereck Flowers April 16, 2015
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