452 definitions by Ereck Flowers

A recreational drug that makes the user euphoric.
I just took a thrill pill. I'm set for this party!
by Ereck Flowers November 12, 2018
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When you actually care when you run a marathon.
Guy 1: I ran a carathon.

Guy 2: I didn't. I quit.
by Ereck Flowers June 24, 2016
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Something that shits in the house, and something that doesn't do shit in the house.
I have a cat. Why did I buy him?
by Ereck Flowers November 24, 2018
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Someone who has yet to reach emotional maturity. (Reference: Plato's Allegory of the Cave)
He's a cave slave. He only focuses on the shadows that the light creates instead of embracing the light outside. One day he will see the real light.
by Ereck Flowers November 20, 2018
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An instrument that sounds like a suicidal bumblebee.
I learned the cello. Maybe it would have been more interesting to learn the violin.
by Ereck Flowers November 26, 2018
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A person who gets sentimental over their coin collection.
I was a centimental when I collected state quarters. I really loved them.
by Ereck Flowers July 01, 2016
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