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Being happy and feeling alive. Get better and move on. Get going. Its OK.
You have to look on the bright side and crack a smile.

Get over it and crack a smile.

Crack a smile and move on.
by Equal crack August 03, 2015

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Person with bad intentions. A nagative half racist person. An idiot. Rude person. Ugly place or location.
Don't joke around like that, please, don't be a wet corner. You have to be more sensitive to different cultures.

Those half racist, wet corner jokes, are rude and not nice.
by Equal crack September 30, 2015

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A person of mid west American origin. A person who picks corn. Southern person for the US.
Back in Alabama we had about 4 or 5 good old boy corner pickers, to help me with the year's harvest.

When I was a boy I helped my father pick corn. He said I was a good corn picker.
by Equal crack August 05, 2015

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White person or US American citizen who trafficks drugs and negotiates with Mexican cartels.
The Mexican cartels sometimes use a cornerback (US born citizen)to traffic narcotics into America. Corners or cornerbacks are useful dealers because they live in the USA.
by Equal crack July 27, 2015

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A person who backs out of something. A coward. A mean spirited person of low morals. Person who is not fond of change. Rude person
Don't be wet flake Tommy change will do you good.

Stop being a wet flake and get with the program.

Stop making those wet flake comments and behave.
by Equal crack August 01, 2015

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A crazy old man who is a pest or burden. Someone who is crazy or nuts, someone who is psychotic,schizophrenic,manic, deranged, insane, bizarre or weird.
- that crazy old neck cracker is pretty weird, it's best to leave him alone.
- old neck cracker wake up, you can't be drunk in the middle of the street.
- leave that old crazy neck cracker alone.
- the county should help all these old neck crackers find a home, instead of letting them live on the street.
by Equal crack December 28, 2015

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This means the same as the phrase " I'll be back " or " I'll return ". Neck is being used as a synonym or substitute for Return. If back is being used a as a synonym for return, neck should be considered equivalent because the neck area is on the posterior side of your body. The throat area is in the front and the neck is on the back of the body. Neck, back and your rear end (butt) are all on the posterior side of your body, they are all on the equivalent side of your body. Therefore they are all synonyms for return.
- I'll be neck after I take a break.
- I'll be neck in a hour, please clean up the table for dinner.
- Well I'll be necked, if I don't come back with food.
- I'll be neck (necked) if I ever come back here.
- I'll be neck after lunch.
- I'll get my neck back here in about a week or so.
- I'll get my neck and leave if you don't stop.
by Equal crack December 27, 2015

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