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Recording Industry Association of America. An archaic, unnecessary conglomerate that uses bullying tatics to scare people into thinking that they (the RIAA) have a right to exist and to be respected.
Fuck the RIAA!
by Elohim August 21, 2003

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Normal Person. i.e one that doesn't dress in ridiculous sports gear all the time, doesn't breed like a jack-rabbit with the pox, and isn't into flushing their life down the toilet ASAP
"Oy, oy, innit..."
"Fuck off."
by Elohim January 29, 2005

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An example for the ideal male species.
A super intelligent human being which is often a symbol and idol for the human race.
Assaf Dekel!! WOW!!!
WOW!!! Assaf Dekel!!
WOW!!! Assaf Dekel!! WOW!!!
by Elohim March 27, 2005

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god of terror, thought tranceiver for the upmost. the soul controller. the one you follow and deny at the same time.
by Elohim July 25, 2003

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Actually a korean fighting stick, about six feet long. Similar to a quarterstaff.
"We will now do bong practice, followed by Son Mok Sul."
by Elohim February 16, 2005

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