when you are on your game, you are at the sexiest levels of your nerdbutt-ness.
p1-wow look at that nerdbutt, he's so sexy
p2-"I'm on my game"
p1-yeah you are!
by dicksquad2.0 March 2, 2015
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(v) When a friend or another male interferes with your interaction with an girl. Usually by bringing the attention to himself by boasting or other means. Frequently occurs when the other male is jealous of your progress; an extremely douchey form of cockblock
John: So I finished that book you were telling me about

Linda: Yeah, isn't it great?

*Jack Enters*

Jack: Oh that book! You know that I actually worked with the author on a short story!

*Linda diverts attention to Jack*

Linda: Oh? What is he like?

John: Stop shitting on my game, Jack
by Kugelblitz November 16, 2012
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Actually, 'salt my game' was used long before the O.C. publicly by Sir Mix-A-Lot in his song "You Can Have Her"
Now a player I like, but you know I can't stand no snitch
Tryin to front like he rich
Done shot your credit, cause you bought you a new E
320, and you wanna be a hoe like me
Now you done salted my game
Told my girl I'm a player, and you bought her a ring
You paid a lotta money just to grab her
I'ma tell you like this, trick: you can have her
by Fawn Mae May 9, 2005
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Originating from the video game "No More Heroes" this phrase means "take a crap".

To save your game in No More Heroes, you must find a toilet. Your character sits down on the toilet, and the save screen is displayed.
by James D Wilson May 19, 2008
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Means to try harder or play dirtier
friend: "Hey girl, I saw that cheerleader eying your boyfriend and I think he may be interested..."

Girlfriend: "Aw man, guess I'd better up my game huh?"
by Smartipantzz March 13, 2011
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A statement that writes off any responsibility that society would place on the speaker for a certain act, lifestyle or appearance.
Chris: Hey-why you wearin joggin pants to the club, man? We sposed to be high-steppin tonight! And you look like u haven't shaved or showered in 3 days!! Dude!

De'angelo: Hey, mahn. Aint no shame in my game! I'm ghetto fabulous, yo, u aint heard. Man, shut that mess up b4 i smack it up. Shooo...aint no shame in my game-i'm fo real doe.
by lafoozy July 5, 2009
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The act of preserving hunted meats with salt.
Frank: Gees Harold, how to make this hunted deer meat last the winter?
Harold: Simple, I just salt my game.
by GenKi2 January 13, 2011
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