7 definitions by Elliewelly_lms

SuSsY inposter Maddie the rat, is a sweetie, and she has platinum blond hair. With blue eyes. She ;likes taking buzzfeeds, and she is funny. she is a good besti
Hi Maddie the rat, how are you?
by Elliewelly_lms May 6, 2022
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Lili is my bestie boo! She is so sweet and aMAzing. We all love our quirky bestie. She is a queen! She has black hair, and brown eyes. she has a nose. very preppi.
Hi lili. I am a chicann! How are you?
by Elliewelly_lms May 17, 2022
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Holly Wolly is a quirky little child who is usually found in the wild. She is usually blonde, and likes to eat candy and is in a musical.
No Holly Wolly, stop being sus.
by Elliewelly_lms March 3, 2022
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Brookie is a cookie. She brings candy for her besties, like her Enrichment friends. (ellie, holland, layla, and ofc Viana) She is also so kind and funny. We love her! Also, she is kinda sussy, but thats ok.
Brookie the cookie, did you bring food?
by Elliewelly_lms April 18, 2022
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Hottie new couple that will forever be together. They love to do stuff and watch netflix at the same time.
by Elliewelly_lms May 26, 2022
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She is is sus little girlie girl, and she is a slow reader. Veena likes Lulu, and has some black medium length hair, and likes to brag abt her Dior lip oil. She has some friends that love her for her extra quirkiness.
Viner Weiner is my bestie boo
by Elliewelly_lms April 18, 2022
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