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Abbreviation for the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Also written ATLA or AtLA. An incorrect and unacceptable way of abbreviating the title would be ATLAB. The B is added by the ignoramuses of the fandom who don't realize that 'Airbender' is ONE WORD.
Writing A:TLA instead of the full title saves a lot of time when texting you're friends to alert them that the show is starting.
by Elisa Paz February 02, 2008
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The pairing of the characters Aang and On Ji of the popular Nickelodeon tv show Avatar: The Last Airbender, created by Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. This pairing, as cute as it may be, is probably not going to happen because we may never see On Ji again; she had a cameo appearance in episode 2 of Season 3 "The Headband". On Ji was immediately kind to Aang when they met at a Fire Nation School. However, On Ji's boyfriend, Hide, posed a threat to Aang's physical well being, because, well, Hide was bigger and a bully (though Aang was able to defeat him with his superior reflexes). Despite her jealous bully of a boyfriend, On Ji still went to the Dance Party Aang threw and they danced together (which was adorable!) The total number of supporters for this shipping, however, could just be me.
Aanji will probably never happen, but it's still adorable.
biased-self: anything's better than Kataang
unbiased-self: what was that?!
biased-self: nothing!
unbiased-self: good.
biased-self: *cough*zutaraforever*cough*
unbiased-self glares at biased-self but internally agrees.
by Elisa Paz February 02, 2008
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The fan-given name of the pairing (or shipping) of the characters Katara and Haru. These characters are from the Nickelodeon TV show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, created by Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. While this ship is not absolute, there have been hints given in the show. For example, the most recent is in the episode "The Invasion" (episode 11) when Katara and Haru are reunited after not seeing each other since episode 6 "Imprisoned", Katara and Haru give each other a big hug and as Aang (main character) introduces Haru to another character, Katara keeps her hand on Haru's shoulder and blushes as Tyro, Haru's father, explains to everyone how Katara helped them. It's these subtle hints that give supporters of Karu hope.
In the episode "Imprisoned" Katara and Haru seemingly bonded over the stories of each other's parents; this was the beginnings of Karu.
by Elisa Paz February 02, 2008
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The "medical" condition that affects the brain/heart/soul of Avatards everywhere. This syndrome is acquired from lack of new episodes for the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Symptoms include but are not limited to:
1) Mild to severe depression
2) Acute boredom
3) Mood Swings
4) Randomly breaking out in maniacal laughter
5) Randomly breaking out into monologues/quotes/songs from the show, all memorized to the exact emotions, pauses, and punctuation.
6) Randomly breaking down in hysteric tears
7) Randomly moaning
8) Sudden urges to run to AvatarSpirit.net to check for any updates, even though you just checked 3 minutes ago.
9) Constantly on the Internet searching for any sign of the return of A:TLA
10) Having dreams about the return of A:TLA only to wake up and discover it was just a dream
11) Start to abandon your favored shipping and turn to the dark side
12) Snap out of it and start crying because you realized you almost lost hope
13) Worst case scenario is that fans curl up into the fetal position in a corner of their room and start rocking back and forth, chanting the theme song over and over.
If symptoms continue for an unbearable period of time (which could be over 2 weeks to X number of months depending on the person) the recommended remedy is to surround yourself with Avatar related stuff: make your own fan art, fanfictions, make a petition to Nickelodeon saying that you're fed up with the wait and then never send it, as hard as it is, try and find another show that is almost as good as Avatar and watch that, talk to friends about how great the show is, buy more merchandise, etc.
AWS strikes hardest in fangirls rather than fanguys for reasons not yet proven. Some say that fangirls' constitutions are too weak to deal with the stress and are prone to break down more quickly. My personal opinion is that fanguys are too self-conscious to let their fanguy-ness show.
My message to people suffering from AWS is to take this time to convert others into Avatards and brush up on your Avatar knowledge, but always remember that the show WILL come back; never loose hope!
Avatar Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS) is a syndrome that every Avatard will battle against at least once in their fan lives.
by Elisa Paz February 02, 2008
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From the show Avatar: The Last Airbender
A variation of waterbending in which a master waterbender utilizes the power of the full moon to control the water in the blood of all living things. Hama, a survivor of the Fire Nation raids on the Southern Water Tribe, developed the technique while being held prisoner in a Fire Nation cell. The prisoners were given no water, so Hama had to improvise. She spent years developing the technique and practiced on the rats that scurried across her cage. Finally, she used her new skill to break out, controlling the guard to use his key to open her cage.
Hama invented Bloodbending and taught it to Katara. Hopefully, Katara will utilize that power in the 3rd Season
by Elisa Paz February 02, 2008
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A special ability given to the people of the Water Tribes in the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender. The skill of waterbending gives a person the ability to control water and various forms of (ice, snow, steam, etc.). One variation of waterbending is Bloodbending, developed by Hama, a survivor of the Fire Nation Raids on the Southern Water Tribe. A Waterbending Master can skillfully bend anything with water inside. People have been shown controlling plants by bending the water inside; bending perfume (which presumably had water in it), water mixed with earth, mud (which raises some questions), and stew to name a few. In episode 8 of Season 3 "The Puppetmaster" we learned that a skilled waterbender can actually pull the water from the air or from plants. Waterbenders can also freeze or unfreeze water. The style of waterbending mirrors that of Tai Chi in both its movements and the way that waterbenders turn their defense into their offense. There are three known styles of waterbending: Northern, Southern, and Foggy Swamp Style.
The origins of waterbending are said to have come from early Water Tribe members watching as the moon pushed and pulled the water, and they learned to do it themselves.
Some waterbenders posses the healing abilities of water. The healers use the water to relieve sickness by redirecting the chi paths in the human body, however, using waterbending to heal will not heal everything.
Waterbenders draw their strength from the moon, therefore, their abilities are at their peak at night and during and especially during a full moon. They are at their most vulnerable during a lunar eclipse when waterbending is rendered impossible.
Katara is a waterbending master and learned from Master Pakku.
Thanks Wikipedia for all the info!
by Elisa Paz February 02, 2008
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