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The pairing of the characters Aang and On Ji of the popular Nickelodeon tv show Avatar: The Last Airbender, created by Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. This pairing, as cute as it may be, is probably not going to happen because we may never see On Ji again; she had a cameo appearance in episode 2 of Season 3 "The Headband". On Ji was immediately kind to Aang when they met at a Fire Nation School. However, On Ji's boyfriend, Hide, posed a threat to Aang's physical well being, because, well, Hide was bigger and a bully (though Aang was able to defeat him with his superior reflexes). Despite her jealous bully of a boyfriend, On Ji still went to the Dance Party Aang threw and they danced together (which was adorable!) The total number of supporters for this shipping, however, could just be me.
Aanji will probably never happen, but it's still adorable.
biased-self: anything's better than Kataang
unbiased-self: what was that?!
biased-self: nothing!
unbiased-self: good.
biased-self: *cough*zutaraforever*cough*
unbiased-self glares at biased-self but internally agrees.
by Elisa Paz February 02, 2008
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