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Raising farm animals for human consumption solely for profit, without regard to humane farm practices, human and animal health concerns, environmental sustainability, or farm worker safety.
Before Wilbur was rescued from a factory farm he was kept with 19 other pigs in a tiny concrete pen without any access to the outdoors. His tail was cut off without anesthesia when he was just a little piglet and soon after he developed respiratory disease from the lack of clean, fresh air. The stench of feces and urine inside the factory was overwhelming, but it's all Wilbur knew. Being a normal pig, Wilbur is as smart as a dog or a three year old human, but he couldn't figure out how to free himself from factory farming. Lucky for him, some kind people rescued Wilbur and now he gets to live out the rest of his life on a beautiful farm with mud puddles to play in and grass to roll around on.
by Elaine Vigneault November 08, 2007

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dog, puppy, pup, pooch, hound, doggy
awwwww! puppah! so cute.
by Elaine Vigneault November 26, 2006

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Short fot the term "human tsunami" to describe the flood of immigration across US borders. Coined by Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report.
"The county hospitals, the school system, the jails and other services are groaning under the weight of the unending hunami from Mexico."
by Elaine Vigneault October 28, 2006

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1. To travel, sans destination while journaling/ post-carding/ blogging.
2. To journal, sans self-censorship while traveling/ day-tripping.

Alternative spelling: kerouaking
which either makes pronunciation more simple or changes the meaning to allude to royalty.
"I dreamt last night of pre-driver's license middle school, hitchhiking with my sister, mini-kerouacing all of 35 miles cross-county." - Elaine Vigneault

"Bookofblues has been Kerouacing across the country like an old penny in an empty pocket for a long time now looking for music, for good words, for love, and for the lost soul of America." - user "bookofblues" on livejournal.com
by Elaine Vigneault March 05, 2005

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Short for Noted Poker Authority. Used as a titleInternet Celebrities in gaming, specifically poker, in place of an MBA.

One such NPA is Ed Miller, author of numerous poker books: 1) Small Stakes Hold'em, 2) Getting Started in Hold'em, 3) No Limit Hold'em: Theory and Practice.
Ed Miller, NPA is the straight guy whose cult following can be found on the (in)famous forums at Two Plus Two.
by Elaine Vigneault April 19, 2006

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A nickname for a successful poker player who has become "noted" by publishing a book.
Boom! He's a Noted Poker Authority. Just like that. He wins a tourney and writes a book. If only I were so lucky.
by Elaine Vigneault May 10, 2006

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