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kerouacing: (verb, pr: care-ooh-ahh-king) the act of being an actual jobless freeloader who is attempting to portray the situation as some sort of existential quest to "find his or her self" while constantly searching for public validation on all forms of social media.

Term originates from actual piece of human garbage Beat Generation author Jack Kerouac, who once wrote a couple of weird books that hipsters fucking looooooove and literally no one else cares about.
Ex. "John has been staying with Mark for two weeks now but hasn't bothered to look for his own place at all, I'm beginning to suspect he isn't living some nomadic free lifestyle and is actually just kerouacing."
by littlemonsterdoll December 11, 2016
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1. To travel, sans destination while journaling/ post-carding/ blogging.
2. To journal, sans self-censorship while traveling/ day-tripping.

Alternative spelling: kerouaking
which either makes pronunciation more simple or changes the meaning to allude to royalty.
"I dreamt last night of pre-driver's license middle school, hitchhiking with my sister, mini-kerouacing all of 35 miles cross-county." - Elaine Vigneault

"Bookofblues has been Kerouacing across the country like an old penny in an empty pocket for a long time now looking for music, for good words, for love, and for the lost soul of America." - user "bookofblues" on
by Elaine Vigneault March 05, 2005
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