7 definitions by Ekker

A very weird thing that is basically a colored plastic sack of your breath to give your friend on their birthday.
"Here's a balloon for you!"
by Ekker October 14, 2014
When you wake up and your stomach rumbles and you have diarrhoea that comes out as golden liquid.
"My diet results in morning water everyday"
by Ekker October 19, 2022
Where you vomit in the sink instead of the toilet and it's all a brown liquid and solid like curry.
I, the creator of this defintion, produced a Bengali Sink Curry in December 2021.
by Ekker April 1, 2022
A weird sex act involving two people with their assholes facing each other so both holes touch. Each person squeezes out a huge long shit so they both collide like trains coming out of tunnels. Then the people ejaculate and cover themselves in the shit and cum so it looks like the flag of Latvia.
"Jim and I achieved the Latvian Train collision after 10,000 other successful attempts."
by Ekker October 10, 2021
Informal terms used to refer to parents who are siblings who inbred.
"My parents are both siblings who inbred to have me so they're my uncle dad and aunt mom."
by Ekker July 29, 2022
The same as the number six, but used by people who think "six" is way too long.
I entered the "No usage of words thought to be way too long when actually short" club and there were half a dozen guys armed with bats looking at me.
by Ekker October 14, 2014
Portmanteau of the words Awkward and Atrocity, so means a very embarrassing event. Could be embarrassing enough to give one PTSD. Could also be Atroward...
I just got yelled out by someone who speaks a different language , what an awktrocity!
by Ekker September 8, 2014