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This is a cocktail... It includes expired yogourt, Pinacalada, vodka and some milk. This is all mixxed and then put into a condom where the person taking the drink stretches the condom out and drinks everything in it. This is part of the shame shot series. See also the Hairy Cocktail
Chris lost a drinking game and had to drink the absoloutely disgusting baby maker.
Chris : - "It taste like rat vomit"
by EdinieDePoPo June 21, 2011
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When a male/female drink a mixture of a hobo's piss and shavings of the black of his asshole with two shots of Brandy. This is part of the shame shot's series.
Felix: "I can't believe I lost that bet"
Riley: "I told you she had herpes, well drink that hairy cocktail now!"
by EdinieDePoPo June 20, 2011
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The consumption of exactly four narcotics at the same time (hence the second part of the word). Quadstimulusers are often found talking to colors, watching bollywood movies and passed out in ER rooms. Quadstimulusers have their own dilect of Gibberish. They are un-able to do any other physical activity other then throwing up. Famous quadstimulusers include: The red power ranger, George Bush, Professor McGonnagal, Gandalf and Chris the binman.
*Two typical quadstimuluser conversations*
Guy one: - "How come I can't feel my legs?"
Guy two: - "Cause you have no arms"
Guy one: - "Oh."
Guy two: - "You Quadstimulus?"
Guy one: - "How'd you guess?"
Guy one: - "You've got two different socks on"

Vino: - "Duuude whats a brunette?"
Chaz: - "When a girl has a really nice car"
Jadd: - "I think we are all Quadstimulizing together"
Chaz: - "Shut up and pass me the Pepper"
by EdinieDePoPo June 16, 2011
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(Noun) The name given to the female participant in a fourseome who is on her period.

(Verb) - To RPR someone is to : - Call up a girl on her period and put her in a room full of three guys and have sex with her till everyone has had an orgasm either on her or in her.
Aymmar - "Dude how was sex with Jessica last night?"
Chris - "It sucked, she was a total Red Power Ranger"
Frankie - "Oh man, that sucks."
Chris - "I knew she was on her period she was grumpy as a baboon with a cist on it's ass"
by EdinieDePoPo June 19, 2011
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Integrity, Reliable, Intelligent, Super, Humorous A person or a group of people that:
Have integrity and dignity in the way they treat people and the way they dress
Are a reliable friend and will always be there for you
Has some wit about him/her, possibly not academically but socially Intelligent
That person is confident and would call themselves super even... Super Duper
Is always up for a laugh, a genuine person and will always get the funny side of life.
Typically do not fall into ANY grouping of people. Have a varied music taste. And change their mind often. Do not dye their hair or have any piercings.
Person uno - " You wanna go to the strip Club?"

Person Dos - "No man... I'm I.R.I.S.H "

Jake - "Duddeee. sick party last night, how far did you get with that girl? You have wild sex?"

McGonnagal - "Nah bro, I'm not into that shit"

Jake - "What are you, I.R.I.S.H or something!?"
by EdinieDePopo June 12, 2011
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This is the drink that one consumes after they have lost a bet. Some sick shame shots include the hairy cocktail and the baby maker... Some shame foods include a Natasha Cake...
Rory: "Shit, she was a man"
Joe: "A deals a deal. Drink this shame shot."
Rory: "What's in it?"
Joe: "It's a Hairy Cocktail"
Rory: "Why is there hair in it?!?!"
by EdinieDePoPo June 21, 2011
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