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The consumption of exactly four narcotics at the same time (hence the second part of the word). Quadstimulusers are often found talking to colors, watching bollywood movies and passed out in ER rooms. Quadstimulusers have their own dilect of Gibberish. They are un-able to do any other physical activity other then throwing up. Famous quadstimulusers include: The red power ranger, George Bush, Professor McGonnagal, Gandalf and Chris the binman.
*Two typical quadstimuluser conversations*
Guy one: - "How come I can't feel my legs?"
Guy two: - "Cause you have no arms"
Guy one: - "Oh."
Guy two: - "You Quadstimulus?"
Guy one: - "How'd you guess?"
Guy one: - "You've got two different socks on"

Vino: - "Duuude whats a brunette?"
Chaz: - "When a girl has a really nice car"
Jadd: - "I think we are all Quadstimulizing together"
Chaz: - "Shut up and pass me the Pepper"
by EdinieDePoPo June 16, 2011
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