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A loyal customer of the Krusty Krab who's out-lived time itself and he's lived in Bikini Bottom for as long as he can remember...
Spongebob: Hi sir, welcome to the Krusty Krab! May I take your order sir?
Old man Jenkins: Uh yes, uh... um... Yes, I'll have a- *dentures fall out* Oh whoopsie heheh, my dentures fell out...
Spongebob: Would you like me to get that for you sir?
by Edgy Cunt #1290219 January 17, 2018
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A nickname for a city in Canada known as Brampton which is funny enough... Full of brown people.
Hey man have you ever been to Browntown? It's full of brown people!
by Edgy Cunt #1290219 January 10, 2018
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Wanted dead or alive for attempting to end net neutrality which is unforgivable... He's wanted for $2.4B dollars so assassinate this rich nigga's ass and Imma set you up for life... Honestly this man trynna send us back to the amish times like dafuk?I need my insta and snap aight? I ain't intending to resort to checking out books at the library again like that shit's past me now godamn... so make sure this nigga don't send us back into the prehistoric times cuz then these dino's bout to catch some hands you know what I'm saying?
Google: Ajit Pai's a douche, lets go kill his ass!
Urban dictionary: aight brotha just gotta submit this definition first...
Reddit: Stfu and just pop him godamn!!!
by Edgy Cunt #1290219 January 17, 2018
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Shackles that are supposed to restrain prisoners by their ankles-similar to handcuffs.
Person1:Jeez did you here what happened to my older brother? He got put in prison for participating in a gang war! I even got to see his bilboes!!! Person2:Really!!?!?!? That's so cool! How much time till they let him loose on the streets again!??! Person1:I don't really know lol
by Edgy Cunt #1290219 January 11, 2018
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A common, basic and unoriginal emoticon that's made by using the symbols on the keyboard of your computer that shortly became extinct back in 2015... It's supposed to represent a pair of breasts but it can also be interpreted as a large pair of eyeballs but most of the people who use it intend to offend annoying feminists in the comment section of their videos. To make it, you have to use a bracket between a space and period followed by another space and closed bracket to make one boob. To make the other to complete the pair, you do the same thing right next to the first one like this: ( . )( . )
Jeez this feminist is so wack Imma troll her with my typing skillzzz lol *creates boobs outta brackets and periods in the comment section of the video*
HAHA that'll teach her I'm so genuis lolz I put a ( . )( . ) in the comments lmaooo I soooo smrt XD get rekt m8
by Edgy Cunt #1290219 January 18, 2018
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A rare yet similar variant of the original Pepe who's skin is diamond plated unlike of its green relatives. It's origins are unknown but many attention seeking edgy twelve year olds with Instagram meme pages have spammed this Pepe everywhere across many different forums and social media... The legend is, if one finds a diamond variant Pepe when scrolling on their Instagram page without searching for it directly, the user will be granted good luck if one decides to double tap on it and follow the page that originally shared it...
Twelve year old 1: Dude, I found a diamond Pepe!
Twelve year old 2: No way, impossible! I've been scrolling on here for months!
Twelve year old 1: See for yourself! *shows Twelve year old 2 the image*
Twelve year old 2: LUCKY!!!!!
by Edgy Cunt #1290219 January 18, 2018
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A Vibe check, or formerly, a viiiiiiibe check, is the conduction of an individual's vibe, done by one worthy of a Vibe licence (see below for details) with the Vibe-o-meter. If a willing participant makes the Vibe-o-meter go green, it means the participant is hereby deemed chill, and is awarded the exclusive Vibe Licence which needs to be renewed annually. Additional methods for receiving a Licence are to fist bump the Dwayne the Rock Johnson, own a 2007 Pontiac Vibe no longer in production, Figure out Obama's last name or get your YouTube video demonetized.
Hey man, I can see that you're vibing, allow me to conduct a certified vibe check.
by Edgy Cunt #1290219 October 23, 2019
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