Dude1 - 'Hey can i borrow your lawn mower'
John - 'dafuk'
by wtf_dude_123 March 27, 2009
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Origin: An unintentional quote from the modern prophet Mohamed Mikali initiated by "devine intervention"

As this is a holy word in some circles, one true definition is yet to be formalized,

However amongst Mohamed Mikali's followers it is generally accepted to be a describing word for something odd, different, weird or messed up.

Although the word is often used in many different and far flung circumstances.

It's Commonly believed that Dafuke may be a modern derivative of the Hebrew word Dafuki.
You are Dufuke.
I am Dafuke.
You look so Dafuke.
That smells Dafuke.
How Dafuke was that.
by Funkingru5ion March 1, 2010
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An expression of excitment and great awe. Used in a conversation with a repected friend. Literaly it means "Money, you're fucked up!" in Hebrew.
I met this girl, SHIKLEY DAFUK ATA!
by Armagidon January 23, 2004
Get Dafuk Ownes!= Get the Fuck On! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! YOU LYING! No Cap!

Typical reactions to a good ass story or breaking hood news!
Bruh!!! RayRay and JuJu just tried to rob the gas station and got locked inside and now the poepoez are on the way! GET DAFUK OWNES! I told them fools to get their money up but DYUM!!!Not like that!!!
by Musicismylifegang August 18, 2022
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