as in hubbas in the alley
by headybrahhhh November 24, 2006
Large breasts upon a female, often said by a construction worker or someone of the like.
You see the hubba-hubbas on that one?
by EDGE November 5, 2003
"Hubba hubba!" is used to express sexual approval, pleasure or excitement. You may hear it in old movies -- comedies from the 1940s and 1950s.
"Johnny: Damn that woman is fine."
"Joe: Sure is, hubba hubba."
by chachacha333 December 7, 2010
Southern slang
1. expression of approval,excitement and/or pleasure.

2.hurry up
Hubba hubba! What a hottie!

Hubba hubba! drop and give me 50!
by Matthew Heinz December 4, 2003
extremely hot or sexy-looking, usually describing a woman
Dude, that chick is hubba-hubba!
by Wildman96 June 1, 2009
A person usually referring to something he/she likes
"Hubba-Hubba" Mike said, looking at Kathy
by SlipperyFox6 December 16, 2018