8 definitions by Edefiner

An affordable clothing brand in which the shirts get holes in them after wearing them one or two times.
My aeropostale polo has a hole in it already? I only had it on once.
by Edefiner March 12, 2015
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A person whose stupidity is so awful that it will disgust you. Just as if you smell a piece of shit.
Woman 1: I heard Carl had to go to jail 30 times to realize he was wrong for doing the same crime.
Woman 2: what?!? Carl is an assshit.
by Edefiner February 10, 2015
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A person who is so stupid that they make the donkey look good (smarter than them).
guy 1: I know a guy who asked me how to do the same math problem about ten times.

guy 2: Some people never learn. What an asswipe.
by Edefiner February 10, 2015
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Man: Damn, you got some pretty toes. Let me rub those feet.
Woman: I love it when you RDF.
by Edefiner February 07, 2015
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The word "hub" can be abbreviated to "huge ugly bumps" which are found on a woman's areola plus the word "caps" can relate to the little black circles that some women have decorated around the areola because they look like bullet holes.
Guy 1: Man, you see those circles around her areola? Look at the bumps too!
Guy 2: Yeah, she got hub caps.
by Edefiner February 03, 2015
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A clothing brand in which the polo shirts cost a bunch of money and the fabric of the polo shirts is of bad quality because certain deodorant mixed with sweat can leave permanent stains in the polo shirts.
I wore gel deodorant underneath my Lacoste polo shirt and now there are stains that will not come out when I wash the polo shirt.
by Edefiner April 16, 2015
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It's when you take your index finger and your middle finger and move them like legs across the surface of something. Twidly winks is when you are basically making your hands walk.
When I get bored, I start doing the twidly winks.
by Edefiner April 25, 2015
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