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A tactic used by people who want to get you off the phone while appearing to take interest in what you have to say.
Yes, I think that's fascinating! Could you email me something that I could share with everyone here? Seriously this is NOT an Email Adios Snub!"
by echolaliababy July 15, 2010

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When you have your earphones on and are singing to the music but those around you can only hear you.
John was listening to Elton John's "Your Song" on his headphones but you could only hear him...skareoke!
by echolaliababy September 04, 2010

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The crud you didn't quite clean off your mixer the last time you used it, that falls off this time when you're making muffins. A combination of mixer and excrement.
I was making cupcakes for my dad's birthday when I noticed some of the leftover mixcrement from last week's cornbread batter, dried and brittle, fell off the mixer stem and into the cupcakes. Yuck.
by echolaliababy November 25, 2009

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A person who fears everything in life is a joke.
Nothing is serious to a harpochondriac like Penelope, who finds endless cruel jokes in everyday life.
by echolaliababy October 25, 2009

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When a senile person is also an asshole.
That guy in front of me, driving the Buick, has had his turn signal on for 50 miles. Cleary, he's suffering from assenility.
by echolaliababy March 05, 2011

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A combination of hyperbole and hyperlink -- used by screaming advertisers and extreme media to refer you to their website. "For more information on the Abdominatrix sexercise toy, please visit our website..."
"Our local TV news is staggeringly shallow -- they don't have time to cover anything in depth, but they back it up with great hyperbolinks."
by Echolaliababy March 08, 2009

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Where Bill Clinton trips the light fantastic at the White House.
The Intern Program at the Clinton White House was headquartered in the Linkin Bedroom.
by echolaliababy December 02, 2012

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