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the angriest character in video game history
kratos will crush anybody
by Eazy-X May 30, 2008

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The definition of a film noir is very argueable and loose. Some state film noir as a time period in which the film was made. others suggest it as a style of film may be characterized by dark imagery, showing the end at the beginning of the film, shadows, corruption, night life, violence, pessimism, detective films, voice over narration by the character, inevitable bad endings, a film strong on thought. film noir may cross many genres such as action, sci-fi, drama, suspense, thriller, action, and even romantic comedy. One of the first films to be defined as a film noir is The Maltese Falcon and one of the defining films is double indemnity.
Film noir is still seen influenced in films today.
by eazy-x February 13, 2008

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a nonpretentious 90's band...somewhat forgotten....known as a one hit wonder for the song closing time.
semisonic has good songs but is only recognized as a one hit wonder.
by eazy-x February 13, 2008

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A Nine Inch Nails Album released in 2008 that was downloadable completely free from the Nine Inch Nails website.
The Slip is a really good album
by eazy-X May 08, 2008

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uptight and anal superstitious people. they want to control what everyone thinks, believes and does. if you're any different you're going to hell.
the baptist is just another cult follower
by eazy-x February 12, 2008

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A loose term describing a genre of country music with a much darker tone and attitude. Musicians such as Neko Case is normally associated with country noir. Most country noir never makes to the radio. Themes such murder is typical of country noir.
Country noir is a genre associated with cow punk.
by eazy-x February 14, 2008

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When life insurace is pretentiously doubled because of cause of death in specific way. Also known as a great film noir from the 40's.
double indemnity is a film noir classic loved by many film students and critics.
by eazy-x February 13, 2008

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