66 definition by ERik

1. A skater who becomes a gothic, but actually is neither a skater nor a gotic.
2. a sad person
She's a skotic and a wannabe
by erik December 14, 2003

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The highest-tier sloochie
"Hey look, a hbb Becgay! Daaaaaaaaaamn!"
by Erik December 02, 2003

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the act of performing a twizzler (see twizzler) while putting one finger, usually the pinky in the anus.
european girls like the french twister
by erik October 07, 2003

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a kick ass rock band from the netherlands
Lost in poetry plays tonight
by erik December 14, 2003

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something you say to a person when they are saying something o stupid u dont want to hear it anymore! or you can say it after, basically said to make the person feel stupid about they said
hey wanna go drink some sodapop and...fuckyouare...oh,ok,ill shut up.
by erik March 01, 2005

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a great metal-band from The Netherlands, www.baskoole.xzero.com
Xzero rulez
by erik December 14, 2003

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to leave somewhere, a suggestion to depart
you wanna go? Let's dip.
by Erik August 12, 2003

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