12 definitions by EJ

To have stolen the ball in a basketball game.
"He has no handle, I ripped it from him five or six times."
by EJ November 10, 2003
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Native to Polynesia, the noni plant (also known as Indian mulberry) is a small tree that usually grows to a height of ten feet. The fruit, which starts out green and turns yellow, is used medicinally.
I love to drink noni juice.
by EJ February 23, 2004
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"My man has cartoonishly huge jonx."
by EJ February 16, 2004
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somone who is talkk and sexi and hav big body parts
wow look at the sexi jorjina
by EJ October 29, 2003
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it means anything it also means cool
that stuff is jigado fo'sho
by EJ August 27, 2004
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i group or gang of 5-10 people usually killing anything in thier path.
by EJ December 06, 2004
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