Whoever left the loggerhead in here, needs to learn the meaning of flush!
by Barbie2277 October 12, 2005
1) a really stupid person.
2) The head of a turtle
He's a loggerhead this morning
by EJ March 5, 2005
To curl out a turd (or a 'log' as it's sometimes known) on an unsuspecting victim's head. The loggerhead is best achieved when said victim is asleep.
''While sandra was asleep, her boyfriend Joe, did gone and gave her a big ol' loggerhead.''

''What's a loggerhead?''

''I'm glad you asked. It's basically shitting on someones forehead''

''Well this has been educational. Thanks!''

''You're extremely welcome, Betty.''


''God, Sandra is such a cunt sometimes!''

''I agree, Joe. Shall we give her a loggerhead as punishment?''

''Yes. Then we should steal from her.''
by dontuseyourrealnamejeff February 12, 2013
A penis, a large member, a trouser snake. Leana is a non believer but the word loggerhead is as old as time itself.
How about taking a pull off the big loggerhead that I'm smuggling in my drawers.
by Jimmy Jam Johnson September 1, 2018
The act of giving a blowjob in the ocean while the penis is completely submerged in water (usually just 3-4 sucks at a time between coming back up for air).
"Dude, take my advice: don't ask her for a Loggerhead Turtle when the waves are really big."
by Herbert Muffin August 7, 2015
Due to conservation efforts in certain beaches where Loggerhead turtles go to spawn, No water sports are allowed, which resulted in the formulation of a new Loggerhead-centric sport. The Loggerhead Rodeo, this is where you collect all the turtle eggs you can (timelimits can be imposed), find a turtle each and see who can ride them for longest while pelting each other with turtle eggs! The looser makes turtle shell soup, the winner is awesome!
Dude1: Bro! wheres the jetskis at??!

Dude2: Loggerheads dont like being speedbumps yo!

Dude1: Shhiiiiit, Loggerhead Rodeo then?!

Dude2: Excellent!

Dude1&2 - Air guitar
by EvilNobby July 31, 2009