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A simplistic yet profound artistic style, and movement, in Art which speaks with the deliberate position of using art as a communicative tool. It is an art-form in which art and communication could reasonably merge and become one flesh; through the use of flowing brushstrokes, markings, words, text, signs, and symbols
Did you see that painting in the other gallery? It had that way cool and urban flow style with the words and symbols in it? It looks simple but it makes you think Is it Jean-Micheli Basquiat? Not, it is URBAN EXPRESSIONISM
by Dune-Micheli Patten June 08, 2007

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say this in response to a stupid comment to describe someone's lame actions
Dude, that was lame..."What a life!!" you lead
by Dune-Micheli Patten March 14, 2007

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