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Another name for prostitution...
I certainly spent $600 for those flower and the limo, but I finally got laid with cindy
by Drow February 04, 2003

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1.cospiracy: An operational body which monitored the activity of all the citizens, first introduced in teh book 1984.

2.Stupid reality tv show that no one watches anymore.

3.Internet:See wordEchelon/world
Shhhh Big Brother is watching ¬_¬
by Drow February 10, 2003

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1.What often teenage feel in their strugle to claim their individuality, often terminates with the coming of adulthood when they understand that they always were just another number in the mass of the faceless mediocrity.

2.A way of behaving that was cool in the 80's with their whole punk thing, and that now is just considered plane lame
Angst does not help you getting laid...it neither makes you look cooler...
by drow February 10, 2003

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1.The lost black member of backstreet boys
P.Diddy is as underground a britney spears
by drow February 10, 2003

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1.The constitutional way to control the flow of information.
if you let anyone tell you what you can see or read you are allowing them to tell you what to think or believe...
by drow February 13, 2003

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1.A place for cooking, not for molesting your child.
one out of 5 children is molested by using a stove
by Drow February 11, 2003

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