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a spanish slang term for a dirty, skanky ass female
by Dre July 05, 2003
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The Spanish definition of 'Dirty Girl.' Can refer to literally being dirty, or being dirty due to promiscuous behavior (as in being a dirty ass skank). In some cases one can be dirty or a 'sucia' by association.
Take a shower Karen, fucken sucia.

Damn, sucia! I can't believe you just smashed another homie.

I used to think Letty was cool, but when I saw her partying with those skanks, I knew she was a straight up sucia.
by California Casual November 30, 2009
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When used as a noun, Sucia refers to an extremely beautiful girl, usually of Latin American descent.
You can take the blonde dude...I want the Sucia.
by roundhi November 29, 2010
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