h4x0r sp33k, also known as 1337 sp34k.

Using numbers as letters for as little as one word, to entire conversations..

A: 4 or l\ or ^ or @ or /\ or /-\
B. l3 or 8 or ß or 3 or l:
C: ( or < or © or ¢
D: l) or l> or )
E: 3
F: l= or # or ƒ
G: 9
H: l-l
L: 1 or !
J: _l
K: l<
P: l> or |D
Q: & or (\) or ¶
R: l2
S: 5 or $
T: 7
U: l_l
V: \/
W: \/\/
X: >< or }{
Y: just use the Y
Z: 2

There are more you can use, those are the one's that I prefer to use.

In 1337 sp33k/1337 sp34k, you can also use p as o, in words such as PWNT, derived from owned, changed to pwned, and pwnage, etc.,
very gay.

0l\/l9 lyl<3 l)!l) y0l_l 533 l-l!5 l-l4><04 5l<!11z?!
by 511q d00d May 5, 2005
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Assumed to be the 'language' of hackers, '1337 sp33k' was invented as a was t get around restictions on BBS. Almost a mix of written shorthand and ebonics, with a keyboard thrown in.

'1337 sp33k' can be read as 'elite speak,' it is mostly just numbers (or symbols) that look slightly similar to letters. 'T' turns into '7' or '+' and 'S' is sometimes turned into '$'.

Despite the continued use of this code to avoid online cencoring, people who use 'elite speak' a great deal are generally mocked.
'She think's she's so cool because she knows 31337 sp33k! ' or 'What a b!+ch'
by Alexia Lovecraft January 26, 2004
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