A strain of cannabis popular in southern California. The genetic lineage is an 80's vintage skunk#1 crossed with a california indica. It is a variety of marijuana, and has nothing to do with crack-cocaine.
-"Oowee, whats that smell?"
--"Its the green crack!"
by greenCrizack September 3, 2006
A strain of marijuana from the so-cal area. Know for it's extreme potency because after a few hits you are stoned for hours. Is a straight beast when sprinkled with keef over the top.
A: " that green crack left me in a completely different world!!"
B: "here sprinkle some keef over the top"
A: "OHH FUCK!!!!!"
by So909Cal March 7, 2009
Marijuana bud that is so dank you are literally able to squeeze a couple of buds together to make a super nugget. Best kind of bud that you can smoke, shit will knock you off your feet.
Wtf man, what's in this blunt?
Its that green crack you beezoh
by Frankaay February 24, 2008
Green Crack basicly is Cannabis or Marijauna.
Yo, lets smoke some of that Green Crack!
by Budd K. October 25, 2005