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Best HDTV widescreen standard of today's market.
Better framerate, resolution and sharpness than 1080i and 720p.
1080 means resolution of 1920x1080, p menas progressive.
Progressive displays do not suffer from the deficiencies present on interlaced (1080i).

Guy1: When i can chose 1080i or 1080p, which is better?

Friend of guy1: 1080p is definitely the best, you would make a big mistake if you bought 1080i because that would be worse than 720p. Don't get the marketing trick you to think same resolution means same quality.
by Dhatz August 27, 2009
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1920x1080. While it is a good resolution for computer monitors, it is considered fairly low for TVs nowadays, since 4K now rules the roost. However up until the early 2010's it was considered mindblowing, especially since 720p ruled the roost until then.
Person 1: What did you get for Christmas?
Person 2: A 1080p TV? Cool, innit?
Person 1: Uh... not really. A 4K TV would've been better. This is 2018, dude.
by Beanclad December 27, 2018
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