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Name in 1984 for Great Britain, now acknowledged as increasingly accurate as Britain approaches and surpasses the goals of INGSOC. Oceania was always at war with Eastasia. Airstrip One is a managerial state within what was formerly the Anglosphere, now known as Oceania, where everything is within the state, nothing against the state, and nothing is outside the state.
Greetings, another fantastic day in Airstrip One.
by Doge 2.0 October 9, 2021
A big dock where you get your wallet reamed so you can ride a boat across the water, with or without your car.
I'm going to ride the ferry via the Colman Dock, to Bremerton.
by Doge 2.0 October 10, 2013
An easy way on eBay to say that whatever item you're selling is absolute dogshit, or has some sort of overwhelmingly huge flaw that would render it useless. e.g. "iPhone XR good condition READ DESCRIPTION" and in description, "BAD ESN" (this means you can't activate it, it's probably stolen).

Or a good one, is when they are retail demos and have SCREEN BURN-IN. Who the fuck wants to look at a burnt-in image?

Stolen shit usually is "read description" since they probably ripped it out of someone's hand.

Often, the seller will say, "re4d", "l00k", or some other bullshit to prevent you from subtracting their trash listing from the results. Also, same applies for "icl0ud", "cr4cked", and other things like "acc0unt". Really disingenuous stuff. Report them whenever you see them.
Description: "... BAD ESN iCLOUD LOCKED"
by Doge 2.0 March 29, 2021
Anyone to the right of Stalin. This is a descriptor used to describe anyone that opposes authoritarianism, technocracy, serfdom, censorship, and forced collectivization. It is also used as a projection against non-communist authoritarians, who are often themselves worshippers of the State. Most commonly used by televised, legacy news, and Wikipedia.
Pinochet was a far right dictator.
by Doge 2.0 January 3, 2022
a Convenience Fee for performing an action that is legal for a price.
The FAA regularly administers a civil penalty to people, often arbitrarily. if you have enough money, you can do almost anything.
by Doge 2.0 March 24, 2022