The Newspeak translation for English Socialism.

See 1984.
INGSOC is the Party's official political alignment.
by mickie bombay May 20, 2005
DayGreet proles. IngSoc=doubleplus-Totalitarian PolitParty. Found in Orwell-Novel 1984, doubleplus censorship and surveillance. IngSoc Invent NewSpeak(doubleplus abridged English), doublethink(switch between two separate beliefs), and Room 101. The only political party.
Facebook: Exists
Orwell readers: This is literally 1984!!!
IngSoc: No, but it's a step closer.
by The Pasta Man October 1, 2020
Organization of brainwashers; practitioners of tyranny, The Future
George Bush is a practitioner of Ingsoc morals.
by Kevin Romero April 3, 2007
Any Ideology you disagree with.
This ideology is the worst, so it must be Ingsoc.
by 1984315 April 13, 2022