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A French boy/girl living in the United States. But is a citizen of France.
"Hey what's up Frenchy"
by djjennyfe April 21, 2007

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A MySpace addict is A person who is on MySpace 24/7 and is always finding new and cool MySpace layouts. Usually has a custom MySpace that looks more like a website. May have allot of friends and custom pictures of themselves.
Jennifer: (calling Josh)What are you doing?
Josh: I'm on MySpace
Jennifer: again!? Your always on!
Josh: Because I have nothing better to do.
Jennifer: Dude your A Myspace Addict
by DjJennyfe May 16, 2007

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A lightweight motorcycle designed for use on rough surfaces, such as dirt roads or trails. Also called trail bike.
related to the Mountain bikes but dirt bikes have an engine.
by djjennyfe April 23, 2007

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A High heal shoe with a slightly closed front; Mainly seen in clubs. And worn by celebrities
Very classy. Worn with Skinny cut, Straight cut and Sits At Waist cut jeans.

Stilettos are a form of High heals but yet a different type of high heal.
High heals come in different designs and may or may not have an open toe. And built into varieties of different styles while Stilettos are smaller and rise below the ankle with a thin strap around the foot and ankle. Usually has allot of jewelry on it. Diamond & Stones
Song: Stilettos (Pumps) Artist: Crime Mob

But the song is meaningless. It does not explain what it stilettos are.
by djjennyfe April 23, 2007

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BreakBeat (sometimes BreakBeats or breaks) is a term used to describe a collection of sub-genres of electronic music, usually characterized by the use of a non-straightened 4/4 drum pattern (as opposed to the steady beat of house or trance). These rhythms may be characterized by their intensive use of syncopation and poly-rhythms, which are prominent in all music of African origin, including African American music although the actual instruments used in BreakBeat music makes it more closely related to Techno and other forms of electronic music than African or African-American genres.

I like to Break Dance to BreakBeat Music
by djjennyfe April 21, 2007

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A person who claims to be something or does something commonly and backs down when it comes to doing it.
A Panzy is pretty much a lier and a pussy towards everything.

Josh: Dude I smoke Pot every day after school

Romain: Hey here's some pot lets smoke!

Josh: Ummm dude I don't feel like it I just quit a few day's ago.

Romain: But you just told me you smoked this morning... were you just trying to act cool?

Josh: Ummm Kinda...
by djjennyfe April 21, 2007

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A Passafist is someone who refuses to fight unless it's for self defense.
Does not mean that he is afraid to fight.

Person 1: Why Wont you fight?
Person 2" Because I am a Passafist. Go Ahead... hit me
by djjennyfe May 12, 2007

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