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A guy known for his kind, sensitive, caring personality rather than his good looks and charm. Usually a bit of a geek or nerd, the guy next door is the guy who is a really good friend to girls, but who never gets a romantic relationship with said "girl friends". Usually is very shy and reserved.
1. He's kind of the guy next door; he's a great friend, but I just can't picture something happening with us.

2. Me.
by Disco Stu December 9, 2004
A nutty radio talk show host who has paranormal guests on. Examples include ufologists, supposed alien abductees, and psychics predicting the end of the world.
Welcome to the Art Bell show. What paranormal nonsense should we talk about today?
by Disco Stu December 8, 2004
An anchient Greek city in western Turkey. It is featured in three epic poems, the Illiad, which tells the story of the final years of the Trojan War, the Oddesy, which tells the story of Odesyus' return from that war, and the Aenid, which tells the story of Aeneas, who is a Trojan and will become the ancestor of the Roman people.
Troy was discovered in the 19tch century, and was proven to have existed. Untill then it was thought to be mythalogical.
by Disco Stu October 2, 2003
An incredibly undesirable female.
How did the blind date go?
Man, she was a schlarper!
by Disco Stu December 31, 2004
Used to decsribe any item that is in poor condition, of poor quality, or outdated.
"My dad bought the most hoopty TV you can get"
by Disco Stu February 7, 2005