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The standard issue rifle for the United States miliatry during World War II. It came in two models, the wildy distributed M1 Garand, and teh M1 Carbine. The M1 Garand had a clip of 8 shots, but the magazine could not be reloded unless it was completly spent.
I decided to play MOH Spearhead toady, and I also used the M1 as my main gun.
by Disco Stu October 01, 2003
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The scandal in which liberal-biased CBS newsanchor Dan Rather aired on his 60 Minutes program documents that supposedly showed that George W. Bush received favorable treatment during his service as a national guardsman. The documents were later shown to be false. As a result, Rather's career has gone down the toilet, and he is resigning and stepping down from CBS Nightly News, effective as of March 2005.
by Disco Stu December 08, 2004
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German abrivation for maschinegewehr, or machine rifle. It was a mounted machine gun, first produced in 1942.
by Disco Stu October 02, 2003
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A bazooka or panzershreck in MOH Allied Assault, Spearhaed, or Breakthrough.
That guy sucks. The only reason he's doing so well is because he's using the n00b tube.
by Disco Stu October 20, 2003
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acronym for "laugh outragously out loud".. a step up from, 'lol'.
d00d, that joke made me lool!
by Disco Stu November 02, 2003
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A special operations monkey, trained in the arts of war, an expert in the use of rifles and assasinations
"Damn, that Monkey-Genius just wiped out our whole squad"
"Come on guys, we've got Monkey-Genius, nothing can stop us now"
by Disco Stu April 10, 2004
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A German sub machine gun intended to replace the MP 38. It was the second most wildy distributed gun in World War II (next to the Soviet PPSh 41). MP stands for machinepistole, the German equivlent of Sub Machine Gun.
by Disco Stu September 30, 2003
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