It is a sex move. Receive road head from a female, drive and accelerate very quickly and drive as fast as possible over a speed bump. Then when the cars front tires return to the asphalt, you penis will spear through the back of the girls skull.
Yo she was being such a bitch but she was in that rude mood ya know. Perfect opportunity to spearhead that hoe.
by wgaccione January 03, 2019
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When a male, preferably at a high-altitude, freezes his ejaculatory fluid into the shape of a spear. This spear is then used to stab his female partner, making a decent sized wound. The male then proceeds to have sex with the wound, as if it were a vagina. Medical assistance is often needed afterwards.
"Dude, did you hear about Amber? She's in the hospital!"
"Yeah man, she tried the Everest Spearhead, and it didn't agree with her"

"Man, I'm tired of vagina's"
"You should try the Everest Spearhead technique, it's so much better than a vagina!"
by Himalayan Hiker May 22, 2010
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Another way of saying "anal sex".
Jim (on his cell phone as he nails some woman up the ass): Make it quick, I'm spearheading a movement.
by Asher Hunter January 02, 2009
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The act of after nutting inside a woman, putting a morning after pill inside your own mouth, crunching it like a nazi’s cyanide tablet, and then spitting it inside a woman’s mouth.
Fuck man! I nutted inside her, but with some quick thinking I remembered to give her a Cincinnati spearhead!
by YouWhatMate? March 06, 2021
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